Ricoh Imaging has released new firmware for its Pentax 645Z medium format camera that makes it compatible with the latest version of the company's IMAGE Transmitter software package. Firmware version 1.10, which is available to download by users via the Ricoh website, allows Pentax's second digital medium format camera to be controlled when tethered to a PC via USB cable, so images can be saved directly from the camera into a chosen folder as they are taken.

IMAGE Transmitter 2 offers photographers the ability to adjust aperture, shutter-speed, ISO and exposure compensation settings, as well as to trip the shutter. The software provides an alternative to the wireless transfer afforded by the LAN-function Flu SD cards the camera is compatible with when shipped. The Flu cards are principally designed to connect with tablets and smartphones for camera control, but can also provide image transfer to a computer via a web browser.

Ricoh is keen to point out that the firmware is only compatible with the 645Z model.

The IMAGE Transmitter 2 software can be purchased from Ricoh on a disc, and costs £199/€179/$250.