Eighteen months ago, French startup Pixii opened up pre-orders for its 12MP APS-C M-mount digital rangefinder, the Pixii camera. Since then, Pixii has followed it up with a new 26MP version that improves upon its predecessor with an updated sensor, a better viewfinder and countless other improvements, many of which were the direct result of customer feedback from the original version.

Now, after spending an extended period of time with the new camera, Hamish Gill, founder of 35mmc.com, has shared a detailed review of the new Pixii camera. The review, which comes in at just over 4,500 words, takes an honest look at everything good and bad about the only M-mount digital rangefinder you’ll find outside of Leica’s offerings. From what the upgraded 26MP sensor and improved viewfinder adds to the experience to a few quirks he’s experienced with his unit, Gill provides one of the most comprehensive reviews you’ll find for the second-generation Pixii (officially referred to as the ‘A1571,’ while the original is called the ‘A1112’).

In addition to anecdotes from casual use, Gill shares his workflow with the camera, which relies heavily on having a smartphone connected to it to save and process images, as well as a collection of images taken with the Pixii camera with a Zeiss 35mm F2.8 ZM lens attached.

It’s a longform review of a niche product, but it’s an insightful read into a camera that is making Leica’s M-mount experience a little more affordable. In Hamish's words:

‘In short, it is a bit crackpot, and it’s certainly very niche, but somehow it works. Somehow Pixii manages to bring a completely unique user experience to the table. And that’s where the appeal is for me. I enjoy the user experience for myself, a great deal in fact, but I also have a lot of respect for a camera manufacturer that is trying to break the mould!’

Head on over to 35mmc.com to read the full article. You can find out more information about the Pixii camera in our initial coverage, as well as on Pixii’s website.

Pixii (A1571) Review – New Upgrades and Some Personal Experiences (35mmc)

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