Sony Core technology announce ICX252 series of 3.24 megapixel (2088 x 1550) CCD's, ushering in a potential new wave of 3 megapixel digital cameras. The CCD comes in two different packages and two different colour array patterns.

Here's a breakdown of the models

Model Sample shipments Price of sample


End of October 1999 28,000 YEN (US$252)
CXD2492R timing generator 2,000 YEN (US$18)

Specifications of ICX252 series

CCD size 8.93mm (~1/2") diagonally
Form Interlaced
Effective pixels 3,240,000 (2088 x 1550)
Total pixels 3,340,000 (2140 x 1560)
Cell size 3.45µm x 3.45µm
Colour filter Either Primary RGBG or Complementary CYGM
Max Horizontal driving frequency 18MHz
Frame rate 4.28 fps
Sensor saturation level 450mV
Sensitivity (F5.6) RGBG: 270mV / CYGM: 320mV
Signal to noise ratio -94dB
External size 13.8 (W) mm x 12.0 (H) mm x 2.9 (D) mm

Obviously this is industry news, and it'll be a while before we hear of any 3+ megapixel consumer digicams and longer until we can buy one, but this kind of news is always of interest to the digicam community.