Imaging Resource has published an obituary of Bryce Bayer, who passed away recently. Often called the 'father of digital imaging', former Kodak scientist Bryce Bayer invented and gave his name to the so-called 'Bayer Filter' - a mosaic pattern of red, green and blue filters which allows silicon sensors that are only sensitive to luminance to capture information about the color in a scene. Patented in 1976, the RGBG Bayer Filter has since become essentially ubiquitous, being used in virtually all digital imaging systems from medium-format backs to smartphones. Click the links below to go straight to the obituary at

In the obituary, author Dan Havlik ends by saying 'We salute Bryce Bayer for his huge contribution to digital imaging; a significant portion of the entire human population benefits from his invention every day'. We couldn't have put it better ourselves. 

This illustration shows the now-ubiquitous 'Bayer' arrangement of color filters on an imaging sensor.
(Picture: imaging-resource)