Olympus has added to the range of underwater accessories for its compact and SLR digital cameras. Interestingly Olympus have released housings for its already waterproofed SW range, perfect for the 'belt and braces' approach to aquatic photography. The entire current lineup of DSLRs now has the option of dipping beneath the surface with an array of lens ports available for wideangle and macro lenses.

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Experience underwater magic

The new Olympus underwater cases

London, May 2007 – As one of the leading digital camera manufacturers, Olympus quickly recognised that photographers also want to capture the fascinating world below the water’s surface. Olympus therefore offers underwater cases and accessories for many of its cameras. No matter if it’s a compact model or professional D-SLR, Olympus, the leading manufacturer of underwater cases, has the right solution for everyone.

Everybody who has taken photos underwater knows about the conditions. Less available light and the different way that light refracts underwater can make it challenging to achieve good images. It’s recommended to get as close to the subject as possible, which makes wide-angle cameras, such as the new SP-550 UZ, ideal for underwater photography. The corresponding underwater case PT-037 makes it a snap to go diving. For those who love adventures and the call of the wild, the SP-550 UZ is also ideal on land. It incorporates an 18x zoom lens and Dual Image Stabilisation, making it possible to catch even far-away subjects with ease. Also new from Olympus are the elegant µ 780 and µ 760 as well as the entry-model FE-230. With their respective underwater cases, PT-039, PT-036 and PT-038, photographers are geared up for fascinating adventures under the water’s surface.

Waterproof and shockproof even without a protective case

Since the introduction of the first water and shockproof µ, the triumph of this range has really been unstoppable. Whether hiking through nature, taking part in extreme sports or on vacation with the family, this µ is the right choice in any situation. The newest model, the µ 770 SW, is now waterproof up to 10m, shockproof against falls from up to 1.5m and freezeproof to -10 degrees Celsius. And on top of that it’s also crushproof – capable of taking loads up to 100kg! For divers, Olympus additionally offers the corresponding underwater case PT-035.

All underwater cases for Olympus compact cameras are waterproof up to 40m depth*1 and fitted with special weights to ensure neutral buoyancy. This enables easy operation of the camera underwater. Each case is also fitted with a removable hood that’s located above the LCD to ensure a clear picture regardless of the lighting conditions. Naturally, cameras also retain their full scope of functions when used inside a case. And for even more shooting flexibility, the cases are equipped with a screw mount for using converter lenses and filters.

Underwater flash for all models

A TTL underwater flash that’s waterproof up to 40m*1 will be available for all cameras soon. The compact and light slave flash UFL-1 is triggered by the camera’s internal flash. Its 28mm wide-angle allows for even better exposure of underwater pictures.

Underwater cases for the Olympus E-System cameras

Olympus offers underwater cases for various D-SLR cameras of its E-System series. New to the range is the PT-E03 (waterproof up to a depth of 40m*1) for the E-400 and the E-410 with Live View, which will be available from June. Live View technology lets underwater photographers use the LCD for framing. That means image composition doesn’t have to be done through the diving mask via the viewfinder any more! For the E-330, the first D-SLR that featured Live View, the underwater case PT-E02 (waterproof up to a depth of 60m*1) is available. And to let users really benefit from all the advantages of digital SLR photography, various E-System lenses can be connected via the corresponding lens ports. Additionally an underwater case for the flash FL-36 is also available.

Nature enthusiasts, adventurers and divers alike will find the right equipment from Olympus for capturing their unforgettable experiences in excellent quality – no matter where they are.

Overview of selected Olympus underwater accessories

Model Description Designed for Camera/Accessory Max Waterproof Depth*1

PT-033 Underwater Case

µ 725 SW & µ 720 SW cameras


PT-035 Underwater Case

µ 770 SW camera (Available mid May 2007)


PT-036 Underwater Case

µ 760 camera


PT-037 Underwater Case

SP-550 UZ camera (Available mid May 2007)


PT-038 Underwater Case

FE-230 camera


PT-039 Underwater Case

µ 780 camera (Available June 2007)


PFL-01 Underwater Case

FL-20 external flash


PT-E01 Underwater Case

Olympus E-300 camera body


PT-E02 Underwater Case

Olympus E-330 camera body


PT-E03 Underwater Case

Olympus E-400 & E-410 camera bodies


PPO-E01 Underwater Port

ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm lens
ZUIKO DIGITAL 35mm Macro lens


PPO-E02 Underwater Port

ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm lens
ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm lens


PPO-E03 Underwater Port

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50mm Macro lens


PPO-E04 Underwater Port

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm lens*2
ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8mm Fisheye lens


PPO-E05 Underwater Port

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm lens


PER-E01 Extension Ring

For the EC-14 tele converter in combination with the corresponding lens ports


PER-E02 Extension Ring*2

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm lens


PFL-E01 Underwater Case

FL-36 external flash


UFL-1 Slave Flash

TTL underwater flash

*1 Or water pressure equivalent
*2 The PER-E02 is required for connecting the PPO-E04 to PT-E01 or the PT-E02 when
the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm lens is used.

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