Plains, trains and automobiles: the landscape photography of Bill Leigh Brewer
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Plains, trains and automobiles: the landscape photography of Bill Leigh Brewer

3.25 pm. August 2, 2014. Ludlow. Photo by Bill Leigh Brewer

Bill Leigh Brewer has mastered the art of creating evocative imagery from minimal elements. With a client roster of automotive manufacturers that includes Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota and many more, his commercial talents bring the sleek design of automobiles to life. His personal work as a modern landscape photographer, however, concentrates on the expansive desert vistas and stark nighttime scenics of the American Southwest.

With a minimalist approach to landscapes, Brewer's photography is challenging and yet incredibly engrossing; surrealist imagery that captures the commonplace and unique aspects of Americana without demeaning its subjects. His eye for composition and graphic elements coupled with a unique choice in format - primarily panoramic and perfectly square framing - heightens the otherworldly aspects of his captures. But it's his technical acumen for timed exposures and atmospheric lighting that sets his work at a level far above the typical 'on the road' travel snapshot.

In more than a thirty years as a professional photographer, Brewer has been collected in several museums and has taught at Long Beach City College as a member of their Photography Advisory Committee. He has also received numerous accolades, including Epson International Pano Photographer of the Year.

Recently, in his home base of Los Angeles, his work was featured alongside the images of Osceola Refetoff in a two-person exhibit titled 'Magic and Realism', a featured event during the MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) citywide collective of exhibitions.

See more of his work at, and follow him on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.