The Panorama Factory is now available in version 4 and can be downloaded as a trial version for 30 days. The panoramic stitching software guides you through the process with a few mouse clicks, it also detects the focal length automatically as well as correct rotation and tilt. The Panorama Factory version 4 accepts 24-bit and 45-bit color images, allows you to create web pages using templates or your own designs and create 360 degree virtual tours. If you like what you see after 30 days then buy it for $59.95 until November 30, after which it will be $69.95.

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Press Release:

The Panorama Factory™ V4 Released

Pittsburgh, PA - October 17, 2005--Smoky City Design, LLC today released version 4.0 of The Panorama Factory, its popular software product for creating panoramic images. The quality of images produced by The Panorama Factory has been significantly improved and new stitching methods were added to accept images with camera rotation or tilt. Other improvements include: controls for initial view and automatic rotation of VR viewers (QTVR, IVR, PTViewer); export to layered Photoshop PSD format; and restart of the stitching Wizard on previously stitched panoramas.

Pricing and availability

A 30-day trial of The Panorama Factory version 4.0 may be downloaded by clicking here. Purchasing a registration key at The Panorama Factory web site converts the trial version to the full version. The full price of a new license for The Panorama Factory is $69.95. The upgrade price for current customers who own a registration key for V3 is $29.95. An introductory special, valid until November 30, 2005, reduces the price of a new license to $59.95 and the version upgrade to $24.95.

Image quality improvements

Bicubic interpolation is now used for warping, cropping, etc. This produces higher quality images and reduces stitching time by removing the need for post processing the image with the Improve quality command.

Lanczos2 interpolation is now used for resizing images. This produces higher quality resized images and is faster than the V3 resizing method.

Improvements to the fine tuning computation (with no user interface changes) make the effect of the fine tuning regions more stable and more localized. The result is an improvement in sharpness for many images.

Final image sharpening is now done with Unsharp Masking which is higher quality and faster than the V3 method.

Camera rotation and tilt

Fully automatic stitching now automatically corrects for small camera rotations (roll axis).

Stitching with "stitch points" is available as an alternative to fully automatic stitching. Stitching points enable images with camera rotation (roll axis, up to 30 degrees) and tilt (pitch axis, up to 60 degrees), even if the rotation angles are different for each photo. This makes it possible to do hand-held panoramas and panoramas with the camera tilted up or down.

A perspective correction option has been added to the crop command. This makes it possible to produce images that have conventional perspective. In other words, these images do not exhibit "panoramic distortion". On the contrary, perspective correction preserves straight lines.