A reader (who will shall remain anonymous) emailed a full specifications sheet (scanned) on the complete range of Kodak DC cameras, which now includes the new DC240 and DC265.

Kodak DC240

A new camera unlike any other in the range, this camera features a 1.3 Megapixel 1280 x 960 resolution with a 3x zoom (39mm - 117mm), included NiMH batteries and charger and flexible shutter speed range of 1/2s to 1/1755s. It also features USB (as per the higher spec'd Kodak DC cameras) and newer CPU and buffers which give it a speedy <2.5s startup time, <1s focus, <0.5s LCD review and <0.2s shutter lag.

Kodak DC265

This camera is almost identical to it's older brother the DC260, the main differences are detailed below:

  • 16MB CompactFlash card as standard (vs. 8MB in DC260)
  • NiMH batteries & charger supplied as standard
  • A new "Super" quality setting (I can't yet confirm if this is an uncompressed mode, but I suspect so)
  • New optional lens thread adapter "available"
  • Burst mode: 0.1 - 3fps up to 6 frames at full size and 24 at low res can be captured
  • Photodeluxe Business Edition & Pagemill supplied software
  • Improved speed: Power up time <5s, image processing time 15s, LCD review speed <0.5s, LCD frame rate 6.5fps

Full specifications of both cameras

(apologies for the quality of the DC240 image, it was taken from a scan of a bad print - new images as I get them)