Lexar have announced new 512MB PC Card and 256MB CF Type II Pro Series (8X) flash cards, additionally they've also announced a new 64MB SmartMedia card. Available "Q2". Prices? 512MB 8X PC Card @ US$1,999, 256MB 8X CF Type II Card @ US$1,099 (Yikes!). 64MB SmartMedia card @ $229 ($3.57/MB).

Here's the official press release:

Lexar Media Announces New Pro Series Digital Film Cards for the Professional Digital Photography Market

High-Speed, Large Capacity Cards Offer Professional Photographers Greater Flexibility and Performance

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 3, 2000-- Lexar Media today announced key additions to its Pro Series family of digital film cards that are designed to meet the speed and capacity needs of professional photographers: a 512MB 8X PC Card and a 256MB 8X USB enabled Type II CompactFlash card.

Lexar also introduced the addition of a new 64MB SmartMedia card. These new digital film cards, are expected to be available in Q2 from camera dealers, distributors and the Company's web site.

``The growing popularity of high-resolution, megapixel digital cameras is driving the need for fast, large-capacity digital film cards,'' said John Reimer, President and CEO of Lexar Media. ``With these additions to Lexar's Pro Series family, we are confident we can meet the storage, performance and connectivity requirements of even the most demanding professional digital photographers.''

Speed and Capacity Critical

The Pro Series 512MB 8X PC Card is nearly 35% larger than Lexar's current 320MB PC Card. The exceptionally large capacity is important since many of today's high-resolution digital cameras generate large image files that can quickly fill a lesser capacity card.

Additionally, the new card's fast 8X write speed reduces wait-time and minimizes the chances of missing the opportunity for a live action or spontaneous shot (X=150KB/sec., 8X=1.2MB/sec.) The Pro Series 512MB 8X PC Card has a list price of $1999.

The Pro Series 256MB 8X USB Enabled CompactFlash Type II is specifically designed for digital cameras with a Type II slot (5mm thickness versus 3mm thickness of a standard Type I CompactFlash card). The 256MB digital film card is Lexar's highest capacity CompactFlash card.

Like all of Lexar's CoompactFlash cards, it features USB functionality built directly into the card to quickly and easily transfer photographic images to the computer via the USB port. The Pro Series 256MB 8X CompactFlash card has a list price of $1099.

Lexar Digital Film for SmartMedia Cameras

Lexar's new 64MB SmartMedia digital film card is twice the capacity of its current 32MB SmartMedia card. Designed as a compact, reliable storage medium for digital cameras, SmartMedia provides a cost effective, removable and re-useable storage solution for storing digital images. The list price of the 64MB SmartMedia card is $229.

Lexar's digital film cards offer solid-state performance for superior shock/vibration resistance and lower power consumption. In addition, each Lexar digital film card is covered by the Lexar Media Digital Film Compliant(TM) guarantee to ensure 100% compatibility with all of today's professional digital cameras. The cards are also covered by Lexar's standard 5-year limited warranty.

Phil says: For Pro's who can't compromise and are using high end equipment (Read: D1 or Kodak DCS series) then these cards will be of interest, myself I'd stick to Microdrive or MUCH cheaper 128MB CF cards). As for the 64MB SmartMedia, I paid US$299 for 128MB Delkin CF from State Street Direct (our sponsor, link below) - that's just $2.33/MB compared to the $3.57/MB Lexar SmartMedia... Some catching up to be done there.