An unusual, bendable action camera called Flex Cam PIC has launched on Indiegogo, and it stands out from the crowd in many ways. Rather than sporting a traditional, boxy design, as the name implies Flex Cam PIC is long, flexible and available in whimsical character designs. Because the camera itself can be wrapped around objects, it is able to record video and capture stills in a variety of positions and situations without the use of a camera mount.

The camera itself includes a 5 megapixel CCD sensor and a 124-degree lens, and is able to record an hour of 720p footage before needing a recharge. There’s 16GB of internal storage for images and videos, as well as Bluetooth and USB. An IP7 waterproof rating means the camera can be submerged to modest depths (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.

Control, meanwhile, is found in the bottom portion of the camera, where a single button is programmed to perform various actions. For example, a single brief button press will snap a still image, while two quick presses of the button will trigger a video recording. Composition can be previewed an an iOS or Android device running the free PIC app connected via Bluetooth.

Flex Cam PIC is offered in a basic design with a choice of five colors, as well as seven Pixar-esque character designs, each with its own name (Jin and Joe, Frank, Moo, Paul, Jack and Bob) and style.

The Flex Cam PIC aims to capture a demographic interested in POV video, but put off by a GoPro's size and cost. And unlike other wearable cameras like the Narrative Clip or the Autographer that are designed not to draw attention to themselves, Flex Cam PIC is just fine asking for attention. It shares an emphasis on simplified design and function with the likes of the Polaroid Cube, but as far as its form goes there's nothing quite like it on the market currently.

The camera’s designer Boud has exceeded its $10,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, where it is offering the Flex Cam PIC at a discounted rated for early backers. A single Basic PIC camera is available for $79 through the crowdfunding website; the eventual retail price for the camera will be $89 USD (Basic PIC) and $99 USD (Character PIC).

Via: Indiegogo