As virtual reality grows in popularity, an increasing number of consumer-grade 360° cameras are hitting the market. Latest among them is Luna, a spherical camera that records 360° footage for viewing on desktop or through a cardboard VR headset. The team behind Luna is seeking funding on Indiegogo to cover design and production costs.

Luna features a pair of 190° fisheye lenses, and uses 'artificially intelligent auto-stitching software' to merge the captured 2K footage into a single 360° HD video. Finalized videos can be shared on social networks or YouTube, and can be viewed using the Luna app and a VR headset. A sample video reel shows relatively low image quality from the camera's video mode, but it's unclear whether this is representative of a final production version of the camera.

Integrated Wi-Fi enables live streaming, as well, and the camera itself is waterproof with an IP68 rating. Luna sticks to any metal surface via a magnetic adapter, and has an optional accessory pack including a monopod, universal accessory adaptor, keychain and docking station. At 170g/6oz and 6cm/2.36in diameter it's very close in size and weight to a pool ball.

Memora, the company behind Luna, is accepting pre-orders through Indiegogo, where a 'mega early bird' unit is available by pledging $199. Shipping is available worldwide and estimated to start for backers in October 2016.