DPReview and ColorVision have come together to offer our visitors a very special offer. Under a special promotion we are able to offer a 20% discount on the excellent ColorVision Monitor Spyder with PhotoCal or OptiCal software. This new Spyder can now be used on both CRT and LCD displays (Laptop or Desktop) and will ensure that your display is accurately calibrated and profiled so that you get optimum colour. There's nothing worse in the digital darkroom than a badly setup monitor, the Spyder with PhotoCal or Optical will ensure you get the most accurate colour from your display.

(This article is a friendly reminder that this promotion ends September 30)

NOTE: The products here are the newer CRT+LCD Spyder, not the older CRT only Spyder.

Click here to get this 20% discount on the ColorVision Spyder products
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Press Release:

DPReview and ColorVision Join to Offer Spyder™ Promotion for Monitor Calibration - An Essential Tool for Digital Photographers

DPReview and ColorVision, a division of Datacolor, today announced a special promotion for the Spyder - a state-of-the-art sensor that calibrates both CRT and LCD monitors to display accurate color. Working in partnership with DPReview, ColorVision is offering DPReview visitors a 20% discount on its two most popular Spyder monitor calibration products (click here). Both packages include the award-winning Spyder, an all-digital, seven-filter colorimeter that works with both CRT and LCD monitors. The Spyder calibrates your monitor to a universal standard for color and automatically creates a correct monitor profile. The end result - a monitor that displays accurate color and lets you trust what you see on screen.

Probably the single biggest cause of ill-adjusted digital photographs are uncalibrated / badly set up monitors. If your monitor isn't set up to any particular standard and if your operating system / photo package doesn't have the correct profile for your monitor you end up in a situation where you correct images to look good on your screen which may well look terrible to everyone else.

The two ColorVision products offered in the DPReview promotion solve this problem at a very affordable price. The Spyder with PhotoCAL software is designed for beginners and photo enthusiasts, while the Spyder with OptiCAL software is targeted for advanced amateurs and professionals.

"We reviewed the Spyder in 2001 (click here) and were very impressed with the results," said Phil Askey, President of DPReview. "We now calibrate all of our monitors with the Spyder with OptiCAL. We found that the Spyder with PhotoCAL package was definitely the most accurate and best value for money combination available while the Spyder with OptiCAL offered a far more precise calibration and profiling. The Spyder with OptiCAL is clearly aimed at professionals."

"As the digital photography market has exploded in the last two years, the need for monitor calibration has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity," said Brian Levey, Vice President of ColorVision. "By providing excellent performance at an affordable price, the Spyder is quickly being recognized as an essential accessory for the digital darkroom - especially for professionals and advanced amateurs. With this promotion, DPReview and ColorVision are trying to make it even easier for digital photographers to take the leap into digital color control."

Click here to get this 20% discount on the ColorVision Spyder products
(orders help support this site)