Bibble Labs has announced version 5.1 of its RAW workflow software, extending support to ten additional cameras including Sony NEX-5, NEX-3 and Panasonic DMC-G2. Both the Pro and Lite versions of Bibble 5.1 also gain features such as Perfectly Clear one-touch auto image correction tool, and Heal and Clone tools for removal of unwanted elements in images. The latest version is currently available as a free upgrade for existing Bibble 5 customers.

Press Release:

Bibble 5.1 Pro & Lite Just Released!

Adding Heal & Clone tools, Perfectly Clear® One-Touch Image Optimization from Athentech, and much more.

Austin, Tx, June 2010: Bibble Labs, Inc., the creator of the world's fastest image processing and RAW file conversion applications, is proud to announce the availability of version 5.1 of Bibble Pro, and introduces Bibble 5.1 Lite. This release includes Healing & Cloning, Perfectly Clear® one-touch image optimization, web gallery output, support for 10 additional RAW camera formats (including Panasonic G2 and G10, Sony a450, NEX-3 and NEX-5 and Olympus E-450 and E-600 and more) as well as several smaller features.

"This release not only brings additional features and stability to our current Bibble 5 Pro users, but also introduces Bibble 5 Lite - a lower cost photographic workflow solution for those that don't need all the professional features of Bibble Pro, but still want the fastest workflow, RAW-level 3rd party plugins, and a complete selective editing framework." says Jeff Stephens, President of Bibble Labs. Bibble 5.1 is the largest update to the Bibble 5 product line to date, and includes many major new features, resolves issues from previous releases, adds support for four new RAW file formats and over a dozen new lenses. Bibble 5.1 is a free upgrade for all current Bibble 5 users

Perfectly Clear ®: One Click Correction to Perfection
Perfectly Clear® is a one-touch image optimization algorithm created by Athentech, Inc which applies more that 13 synergistic corrections simultaneously. "Bibble is the fastest raw engine on the market - and in addition produces the most accurate and eye-pleasing raw renderings" says Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech, Inc. "I am delighted that our Perfectly Clear automatic correction is part of this exciting software. We look forward to saving Bibble users significant time in correcting their photos when they apply our powerful automatic image correction.

Heal & Clone Tools
The new Heal & Clone tools in Bibble 5 work in conjunction with Bibble 5's selective editing framework, allowing photographers to remove distracting elements from their images quickly and easily.

Healing Regions allow photographers to quickly remove small blemishes and spots left by sensor dust by blending away small imperfections quickly and easily. Cloning Regions copy image content from one portion of the image to cover over distracting or unwanted elements in photographs.

"Our Regions and Layers tools were initially created with Heal & Clone functionality in mind, so I'm thrilled that we are able to add this critical image correction functionality into Bibble 5 so quickly after our initial release" says Stephens.

Bibble 5.1 Lite
Bibble 5.1 Lite offers much of the same speed, power and control as Bibble Pro, but without several of the pro-specific features at a fantastic price. Lite is designed for photo enthusiasts who demand top-quality RAW file conversion and fast, efficient and powerful image editing tools.

A complete list of the differences between Bibble 5 Pro and Bibble 5 Lite is found here.

Availability, Upgrades, and Pricing
Bibble 5.1 Pro and Bibble 5.1 Lite are available immediately for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers for $199.95 and $99.95, respectively, from Bibble Labs customers who purchased Bibble 4 since September, 2006 are eligible for a free upgrade to Bibble 5. Bibble 5.1 is a free upgrade for all current Bibble 5 customers.