Casio has announced two additions to its High Speed Exilim series, the EX-ZR700 and EX-ZR400. The EX-ZR700 uses a 16.1 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 3 inch LCD and a stabilized 18x, 25-450mm equivalent optical zoom lens. The EX-ZR400 is similar to its predecessor the EX-ZR300, inheriting its 16.1MP BSI-CMOS sensor and 24-300mm equiv. lens, and comes equipped with a long-lasting battery promising 515 photos on a single charge. Both cameras feature the company's latest Exilim Engine HS 3 processer and new shooting modes including a Premium Auto Pro and an All-In-Focus Macro mode. There is currently no information available about their price and availability.

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Casio Expands Lineup of Responsive High Speed EXILIM Cameras

TOKYO, January 29, 2013: With the aim of providing digital cameras that enable people to capture fleeting moments with beautiful images, Casio has been pursuing the full potential of the compact digital camera using its original high-speed technologies. This effort is based on the company’s “Triple Zero” development objective, which seeks to minimize and eliminate shutter lag, out-of-focus shots, and image blurring due to camera shake.TOKYO, January 29, 2013 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., today announced the release of two new models in the High Speed EXILIM line of digital cameras. The EX-ZR700 is equipped with a wide-angle 25 mm,*1 18x optical zoom lens, while the EX-ZR400 offers long battery life enabling it to capture about 515 photos*2 on a single full charge, the most of any camera in the line. High Speed EXILIM cameras offer popular responsive photo-taking features such as fast start-up, high-speed auto focus, and capture intervals of a fraction of a second. 

With the adoption of the latest EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3, the two new models combine responsive operation and high-speed burst shooting. A new Triple Shot function allows the user to responsively capture three successive images with a single press of the shutter, while a new inset display enables the user to review shots shown in part of the LCD while taking photos. Thanks to these new features, even camera novices can reliably capture moments as they intended, including the fleeting expressions of a child.

Equipped with a wide-angle 25 mm, 18x optical zoom lens, the compact EX-ZR700 offers greatly enhanced image stabilization thanks to the adoption of lens shift image stabilization and technology for combining high-speed burst images (in High-Speed Anti Shake mode). Even in situations where it is necessary to shoot from a distance, such as recitals and sporting events, users can deftly capture their children's big moments without any image blur. Captured photos also look beautiful on the camera's high-resolution 3.0-inch 920K LCD.

Meanwhile, the new EX-ZR400 offers the longest battery life in this series, enabling the capture of about 515 images on a single charge. Even on family trips, where photo opportunities abound, users can forget about the battery level and focus on capturing their children’s smiles.

Both new models come with Premium Auto Pro, which automatically combines images taken with high-speed burst shooting according to the shooting conditions, to dramatically improve final image quality in challenging situations. They have shooting functions that fully control focus, as well. These include All-In-Focus Macro, which can capture an entire scene in focus from the near foreground to the distant background, and Blurred Background, which yields impressive shots that look like they were taken with an SLR camera. Without the need for interchangeable lenses or difficult settings, users can take fun, beautiful shots with ease.

*1 When converted to 35mm film format

*2. CIPA standard compliant

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The EX-ZR700 uses a 16.1 MP back illuminated CMOS sensor, 3 inch LCD and a stabilized 18x (25-450mm) optical zoom lens
The EX-ZR400 is similar to its predecessor  EX-ZR300, and promises 515 photos on a single charge.