Nikon USA, Europe and Japan have today posted new firmware for the Coolpix 5000. Version 1.7 adds numerous features Nikon introduced into the 5700. Thesei nclude RAW (NEF) image format, quick response shutter release option, internal flash off function, PTP USB support, EXIF 2.2 support, improved LCD display, Auto Focus improvements and a fix for the recorded shutter speed in Bulb exposures. This has to be one of the most comprehensive firmware updates issued by any manufacturer for any digital camera, Kudos to Nikon.

Note: we recommend you only download firmware from your regional technical support page, for example don't try to install the USA firmware on a European Coolpix 5000.

Click here for the Nikon USA Coolpix 5000 Firmware downlaod page

Click here for the Nikon Europe Coolpix 5000 Firmware download page

Click here for the Nikon Japan Firmware download page

Fimrware update description (Nikon USA):

Coolpix 5000 Firmware Updater 1.7

What is this?

This is the firmware updater for the Coolpix 5000 digital camera for a Macintosh computer system. To check the current version of firmware in your Coolpix product: With the camera off, press and hold the MENU button (the center button on the LCD display), switch the camera to "On" mode (with the Menu button still pressed). The firmware version will be displayed on the color LCD display.

What is new/Content Description

The following improvements and additions have been made with firmware version 1.7.

Support for RAW (NEF) Image Quality
A RAW image-quality function has been added to the COOLPIX5000 firmware. When an image-quality setting of RAW is selected, "HI" blinks in the camera@apos;s control panel. Additionally, RAW images can be converted to TIFF using the cameras menu.

Control options for Shutter Release Speed
The Monitor Options item in the setup menu now contains a Shutter Release Speed setting that controls the speed of shutter response as follows.
Option "Normal": Priority given to quality of preview displayed in monitor.
Option "Quick Response": Reduces the time lag between pressing the shutter-release button all the way down and shutter being released to take a picture.

Internal Flash Off option
The Speedlight Control menu now contains an Internal Flash Off option that allows you to turn the built-in Speedlight off entirely. The built in Speedlight will still fire if red-eye reduction is "on" only to reduce red-eye; it will not fire during the actual exposure. Additionally, the internal flash will fire a monitor pre-flash (but not an actual exposure flash) if a Nikon Speedlight is connected.

Support for Picture Transfer Protocol
PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) option is now available in the USB menu in the Interface setting for the setup menu in User Sets 1, 2 and 3.

Support for Exif 2.2
The COOLPIX5000 firmware version 1.7 now supports Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras) version 2.2, a standard that allows information stored with photographs to be used for optimal color reproduction when images are output on Exif-compliant printers. PRINT Image Matching (PIM) is no longer supported by COOLPIX5000 firmware version 1.7. Users who require PIM should not apply this update.

Improvements in LCD monitor display
The LCD monitor has been improved to allow better display of images when viewing in dark surroundings. Monitor brightness has also been improved.

Shutter speed information corrected when using BULB exposure
Previously when shooting an image with a BULB exposure time of more than 100 seconds, the shutter speed information recorded in the shooting information was incorrect. This has now been fixed.

Improvements in autofocus performance
Autofocus performance has been improved.

Compatible OS platform

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) (note 2)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (note 1)
Microsoft Windows
Millennium Edition (ME)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (note 1)
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (note 1)


1) You must have Administrator authority on your computer to install, uninstall, or run the Uploader Software. See your network administrator if you require this authority.
2) If connecting the camera to your computer for the first time, download the "Nikon_USB_Update " file from the same page from which this Firmware Uploader software was downloaded and install the device driver.

What's included in the download

a) Firmware Uploader Application
b) Firmware Binary File

Special Notes

a) Before installing this update, we strongly recommend that you download and read the "Guide for Coolpix 5000 Firmware Updater Version 1.7", which is available as a separate download.