Sony has issued a firmware update for its A700 DSLR. The firmware, widely distributed having been posted on the company's Japanese site, makes a number of changes, including a noise-reduction 'off' setting that may address some of the criticisms originally leveled at the camera. Other modifications include changes to bracketing, white balance and dynamic range optimization. Related updates have also been made to Sony's processing software.

Sony describes the firmware changes as follows:

Improvements and solved issues

  • The choice to select auto exposure bracketing (single & continuous) with 3 shots in 2 EV steps has been added.
  • The choice to turn [Off] the High ISO NR feature has been added.
  • Improvement of the image quality in high ISO setting.
  • Improvement of the auto white balance and D-Range Optimizer performance.
  • Improvement of reliability for communication between camera body and vertical grip.

Application Software

Sony Image Data Suite (for DSLR-α100/α200/α300/α350/α700)

Image Data Converter SR (v3.0 – same as supplied with α900)

  • Improves ease of use by unifying pallets and positioning of toll bar buttons
  • Increases speed of display rendering
  • Adds Peripheral Illumination compensation
  • Improves effectiveness of Dynamic Range Optimizer
Image Data Lightbox SR (v2.0)
  • Increases speed of display rendering
  • Adds settings of color label and display sort by camera which captured image
Remote Camera Control (v2.0 – only applies to α700)
  • Adds Interval Shooting function (Windows only)
  • Adds the choice off ±2.0EV, 3 shot EV Bracketing (available in both single and continuous modes)

Both can be downloaded from Sony's European site:

Click here to go to Sony Europe's firmware download page