Nikon Europe has today announced the availability of a RAM upgrade for the D1x digital SLR. This upgrade increases the D1X's buffer depth from the standard 9 JPEG frames to 21 JPEG frames and from 6 RAW frames to 14 RAW frames. This upgrade will cost approximately €250 here in Europe, we have yet to receive pricing details and availability from Nikon USA.

Press Release (Nikon Europe):

Exciting News for all Nikon D1X owners

In yet another step in our continuing drive to improve customer service, Nikon Europe is pleased to announce a new offer for Nikon Digital SLR users: optional expandable RAM memory for the Nikon D1X.

The module effectively doubles the D1X buffer size thus dramatically increasing the number of shots the buffer can contain as images are being written to the storage card.

Of particular interest to news and sports photographers the multi-award winning D1X 5.33 effective mega pixel resolution power can be captured in longer bursts than ever before combining amazing high resolution capture without sacrificing speed. Depending on file format and storage media selected it is possible to shoot 5.9 Mega pixel files continuously for up to seven seconds in place of the current three seconds!

And when used in combination with the latest Lexar WA (Write Acceleration) technology (firmware upgrade required) means the buffer empties up to 30% faster, particularly when shooting bursts of NEF (raw) files.

The buffer depth is influenced by camera set up and can be summarized below:

Camera Configuration D1X standard D1X with extra RAM
Frame rate 3 fps continuous 3 fps continuous
CSM 36 Off    
JPEG/TIFF 9 frames 21 frames
NEF (RAW) 6 frames 14 frames
CSM 36 On (Zoom)    
JPEG/TIFF 6 frames 19 frames
NEF (RAW) 4 frames 12 frames

(All figures irrespective of ISO settings or subject type)

Speaking about the development, Robert Cristina, Marketing Executive, Professional Film and Digital, says: “This improvement comes on the back of the impressive recent upgrade news for the Coolpix 5000 and is the sort of service our customers have come to expect from Nikon. Whatever you shoot, the extra RAM module offers photographers improved performance making the D1X as current today as the day it was launched”.

He continues; “Nikon have been working hard to deliver practical benefits to support and lengthen the investment and lifecycle of owners cameras. Not only hardware but firmware can also be upgraded to offer simpler colour management workflow, compatibility with the latest Lexar™ Write Acceleration technology, and the EXIF 2.2 standard keeping the D1X photographer abreast of the latest imaging industry developments”.

The module can only be purchased as an optional package at the customer’s national Nikon Repair Facility. Pricing is about Euro 250 including parts and labour (local labour costs may vary) and excludes local taxes and shipping. Nikon have no plan to offer D1X with the extra RAM as a standard product.

We expect demand to be strong so please contact your national Nikon Office first for details of availability.