SmartDisk today announced something we'd been aware of since the release of specifications for the upcoming Mavica FD-95. Emerging Mavicas will support MemoryStick storage through a SmartDisk FlashPath floppy disk adapter enabling larger storage capacity but maintaining the convenience of a floppy drive. (Note: this won't work on older Mavicas)

SmartDisk Announces FlashPath for Sony's Digital Mavica Camera

NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 9, 2000--SmartDisk Corporation (Nasdaq: SMDK - news), a company whose products simplify the digital lifestyle, today announced that support for emerging models of Sony's Digital Mavica® camera is being integrated into SmartDisk's FlashPath(TM) floppy disk adapter. The Digital Mavica version of the device, called Memory Stick®/Floppy Disk Adapter, will be offered as an accessory exclusively through Sony and its distribution channels in the second quarter of this year. It will be compatible with new Digital Mavica camera models scheduled to be available in May 2000.

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``As consumers embrace digital cameras, the personal computer is becoming the electronic photo album of tomorrow,'' said Michael S. Battaglia, President and CEO, SmartDisk. ``SmartDisk's goal is to make it easy for consumers to put pictures in that `album' and to share them with others. That's why this floppy disk adapter solution is a natural fit with the popular Digital Mavica camera. It provides users with a convenient option for moving images from their digital cameras to their PCs. They can use a traditional floppy diskette; or they can insert a high capacity Memory Stick media card into a floppy disk adapter that fits right into the Digital Mavica camera.''

``The ease-of-use and flexibility of Digital Mavica cameras are advanced by the introduction of the new Memory Stick/Floppy Disk Adapter,'' said Jay Sato, Vice President of Digital Imaging Marketing for Sony Electronics' Consumer Products Marketing Group. ``Compatible with all new models, the option to use Memory Stick media with a Digital Mavica camera gives users additional flexibility when they require extended memory.''