A Portrait of Invention: David Friedman's 'Inventor' Series
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A Portrait of Invention: David Friedman's 'Inventor' Series

Steven Sasson, inventor of the first digital camera. (courtesy of David Friedman)

What gave you the idea for this project?

'When I left Polo, I had a great body of work from my years as a staff photographer which unfortunately didn't represent the kind of work I really wanted to do as a freelancer: I wanted to shoot fewer products, interiors, and fashion, and instead tell stories about interesting people. So I had to create a new portfolio, and I kept in mind that old adage about self-assigning the kind of work you'd like to be getting. I've always been interested in invention, and in fact had a popular blog where I wrote about my own offbeat invention ideas.

I thought it would be great to talk to inventors, see what makes them tick, and explore what differentiates people who pursue their inventions from the rest of us who get ideas and just discard them. I thought it might make a good book down the line.'