As per our new report yesterday on Olympus Japan's announcement of the new C-3040Z and C-2040Z Olympus Europe have this morning confirmed these two cameras (although specifications aren't yet available) "Olympus proves it is not just resting on its laurels with the new 3.3 megapixel C-3040ZOOM. The successor to EISA�s "Digital Camera of the Year 2000� impresses with a redesigned and much brighter lens system, additional light metering options and a host of further new and improved functions."

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Phil's comment: While I have enthusiasm for faster lenses, it's not that much of an advance from the F2.0 - F2.5 lens found on the C-2020Z (especially considering the now almost unusable 40 - 120 mm this new lens means to the C-2040Z), plus it's sure upset a lot of people who've just laid down hard cash on a C-3030Z.. It's an unusual move as everyone is expecting NEW higher resolution cameras from Olympus in the Spring (or, maybe, not?).