RiTDATA (a subsidiary of RiTEK Taiwan) has today announced 1.1 and 1.6 GB "CompactStor" Compact Flash Type II storage drives. These devices (similar to the Microdrive) use a tiny mechanical hard drive for their storage. There are plans to expand the range up to a 6 GB capacity card (phew!). No pricing is yet available.

Press release:

CompactStor CF Type II Hard Disk

RiTDATA Technology Inc (Taiwan) has released the "CompactsStor", a tiny portable mechanical hard disk drive, for portable electronic devices in the industry-standard CF+ Type II form factor (ATA compliant).

CompactStor is a micro storage media for portable digital IA (Information Appliance) products, such as cellular phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, e-books, etc..

CompactStor also applies for embedded systems and data collection (POS, process control, measurement, robotics) for industrial and defence applications.

In addition, the cost to store data on a CompactStor drive remains very low in comparison with other cards using Flash technology.

CompactStor is available in two capacities: 1.1GB and 1.6GB, and RITDATA plans to expand the capacity up to 6GB.

Click here for RiTDATA UK (European Office of RiTDATA)

CompactStor (1.1 GB) specifications

Card Type CF+, Type II (ATA and PCMCIA compatible)
Capacity 1.1 GB
Heads 2/1 GMR (22.5 Gb/Sq In)
Media Glass (>4,000 Oe)
Seek Time 11 ms Average
Rotational Speed 3,600 RPM
Maximum Data Transfer Rate 5.5 MB/sec
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 55 degree (Non-condensing)
Voltage 3.3 volt
Power <250 ma="" average(nomal="">
<18 ma="" (idle="">
Relative Humidity 8 ~ 90%(Operating, Non-condensing)
Altitude 10,000 feet max (Operating)
Shock 175g @2ms 1/2 since wave (operating)
1500g @ 1ms 1/2 since wave (Non-Operating)
Vibration 2G 0-peak (5 to 500 Hz)

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