Yandri's Flickr feed caught our eye because of his sweeping landscapes.

We found ourselves captivated by Jonny Yandri's Flickr Photostream. Yandri, an engineer in Indonesia, uses both a Nikon D7000 and his Nokia Lumia 920 to capture life in his coastal city.

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When Yandri is not working, he enjoys taking photos. He will often use his phone to get composition ideas before busting out his DSLR. He hosts his best mobile photos in a Flickr album titled "Phoneography."

After reaching out to Yandri through Flickr, it became clear that there was a bit of a language barrier, so  instead of waxing poetic with this week's Exposure subject, we're just going to let his Lumia 920 photos speak for themselves:

Title: Leaving Caption: Shot by Nokia Lumia 920, Edit by Fantasia Painter
Title: So Clear
Title: Burning Sky
Title: "before dark" Caption: Nokia Lumia 900 + Thumba Photo Editor
Title: Sunset

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