Thanks to the photographer for letting me know that the full page image (of Gary Condit and wife) on the front of this weeks People magazine was shot with a Canon EOS-D30. In his words, "People magazine cover story will come out on Gary Condit. The entire story and the COVER was all shoot on the D-30. This was shot under a extreme deadline, hence their openess to using digital.", "I have been using the D30 about 9 months . All most ALL my magazine work in this year (2001) has been digital on the D30, some of this work has been used as large as 2 pages."

What setup did you use? "Tamron 28-105mm I think? asa 100, 1/25 second, f 3.5. One simple softbox, on a small 500 watt second power pack. Nothing complex."

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