Update 5/15: We've added a variety of images to our initial gallery including portraits, landscapes and telephoto shots. 

We've already published studio results and Raw dynamic range results from the Canon EOS 5DS R, and now we're following up with some sample images from the real world. Canon's new full-frame resolution monster features a 50.6MP CMOS sensor and cancels out its anti-aliasing filter to make the most of those pixels. Its sibling model, the Canon EOS 5DS, is a near twin, offering the same specifications with the addition of an anti-aliasing filter. This preliminary sample gallery will give a good idea of the kind of performance we can expect from both models against real-world subjects.

Please note that many of the high ISO images from the EOS 5DS R break DPReview's file size limit on sample images when converted to JPEG (which is why you won't find many in this gallery). As such we've made a selection of original Raw files available for download from the link below. 

Note that these images were taken with a beta, late preproduction EOS 5DS R. As such, image quality may not be representative of the final shipping product but is likely to be close.