Rob posts two articles arguing against the noise comparisons between Nikon's new D1 and Kodak's DCS 620 posted on the website, I had to admit I had the same problems with this supposed comparison, having come under some criticism for being too pro Nikon I kept out of it but hearing it from a long term Pro like Rob kinda puts my mind at ease.

Read his comments here

He says: "D1 noise test at flawed Photographers on the Internet are abuzz over the D1 - DCS 620 noise comparisons at It appears, based on the tests, that the DCS 620 has only a moderate blue chrominance noise problem, whereas the D1 is rife with luminance noise at all ISOs. Unfortunately, what the test actually demonstrates is a flaw in the testing methodology that makes it appear that the D1 has a serious noise problem at all ISOs...."

And: "Kodak - D1 user comparison confirmed similar to Kodak marketing piece Kodak's Jay Kelbley indicates, in a thread in the PEI Magazine pro digicam forum, that the "user comparison" of the D1 and Kodak digicams entitled "Top Ten Reasons Professional Photographers Prefer Kodak Professional DCS Cameras," is similar to, or exactly the same as, a marketing piece by a Kodak U.S. digital camera product manager. The photographer who posted the information, Tom DeRousie, has addressed some of the concerns about the nature of the material, and has added his own comments. Again, please do not send email to me on this subject. If you wish to discuss the posting of this information, check out the thread in PEI Magazine's pro digicam forum. "