Konica Minolta has today posted firmware version 1.10 for the 7D digital SLR. This update addresses several issues, some of which we raised in our recent review of the camera. Primary improvements appear to be Compact Flash interface speed improvements (up to 3x faster) and USB transfer rates. In addition the new firmware also enables blinking highlights in instant playback mode. This update is now available for download from Konica Minolta USA.

Click here for the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D firmware page

Click here for a preliminary comparison of the new firmware by Matt Cham

Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D firmware update

This is an update to the Maxxum 7D firmware. This firmware is for use only with the Maxxum 7D and cannot be used with other products. The update does not work correctly if it is installed in other products.

Corrected problem details:

  1. Added the remote storage function which can be used in combination with the DiMAGE Transfer software.
  2. Speeded up its access to a memory card. This improvement shortens the writing speed to the memory card and USB data transfer speed. *Effect varies depending on the memory card.
  3. Added enlarged display function in both the histogram display and the index display in playback mode.
  4. Added luminance limit display function in the histogram display in instant playback.
  5. Modified the "No memory card" warning indication.
  6. Modified the following problems:
    1. External flash fires with its full power in rare cases.
    2. Camera freezes after self-timer recording in rare cases.