Two New York Times photographers are honored with Pulitzer Prizes in photojournalism this year. Tyler Hicks takes the award for Breaking News Photography for his work documenting a terrorist attack at a mall in Kenya, and Josh Haner's photos of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor take the top award in Feature Photography. 

Photo by Josh Haner. The photographer chronicled the life of Jeff Bauman (above) who lost most of both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. 

Finalists in Breaking News Photography include John Tlumacki and David L. Ryan of The Boston Globe for their photos of the Boston Marathon bombing and and Goran Tomasevic of Reuters for his documentation of Syria's civil war. Feature photography finalists include Lacy Atkins of the San Francisco Chronicle for her photos of an Oakland school's efforts to help at-risk African American boys and Michael Williamson of The Washington Post for his look at the impact of the nation’s food stamp program on 47 million recipients.