Last year, photographer Josh Rossi made headlines all over the world after he used his skills as a photographer and retoucher to turn his daughter into Wonder Woman. It was a fun passion project, but the viral outpouring of support it generated inspired him to do something more.

And so Josh and his wife Roxana teamed up with costume designer Julie Whiteley to find 'the REAL Justice League' and show them for the superhumans they are.

Roxana scoured the world to find six children with varying disabilities and diseases, who have shown incredible strength and resilience. The final Justice League lineup consisted of: 5-year-old Kayden Kinckle, 3-year-old Sofie Loftus, 9-year-old Teagan Pettit, 2-year-old Mataese Manuma, 7-year-old Zaiden Stolrow, and 5-year-old Simon Fullmer.

Each of the kids suffers from a disease, disability, or condition that makes them seem weak on the outside, and Rossi's hope was that this photo project would showcase their inner strength. So they created costumes that cost up to $10,000 per child (donated to this good cause), photographed them, and then delivered poster prints to the family and taped the children's reactions.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the process, followed by all six reaction videos.

You can read each of the children's individual stories on Rossi's website. From rare cancers, to heart conditions, to a young double amputee, these kids really are incredible humans. And, of course, you can see all of the final images in the gallery below:

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All photos by Josh Rossi and used with permission.