As a prelude to the upcoming Nikon Coolpix 700 production review I've posted a small samples gallery of 18 shots (all shots taken by my beautiful fiancee).

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I'm also currently reviewing the Kodak DC265 and we went on a photoshoot today, I've decided to release this short gallery of the Coolpix 700 shots because alot of people have been asking for samples from this camera (they're in short supply). Remember that the 700 shares the same CCD and majority of electronics as it's bigger brother the 950, however the 700 has a fixed lens (35mm) and should be seen as going up against the Fuji MX2700, Toshiba PDR-M4 and Sony's DSC-F55K.

Camera firmware is v982p-71 (production). All shots taken in NORMAL quality, Matrix metering, "M" mode. Exposure information below each large image, originals available for all images (either click on the larger image or just below it).

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