We've just posted a six-page review of the Nokia 808 PureView, focusing on its photographic features and performance. On paper, the 808 offers the most advanced camera features of any smartphone, including manually selectable ISO sensitivity from 50-1600, exposure bracketing, and five white balance presets. Then, of course, there's the unique way it uses its large, high pixel-count sensor - over-sampling each image to offer 8, 5 or 3MP output for sharing or 38MP full res files if you prefer.

As well as an overview of the 808's photographic features, we've also included plenty of real-world and studio samples, and we've added the 808 to our standard studio comparison tool. This will allow you to take a look at how it performs alongside compact cameras and DSLRs in both its highest-resolution 38MP and 8MP PureView modes.

So just how much of a threat does this represent for conventional compact cameras? Read our six-page review to find out.