Thanks to Stephen H. Westin for noting that Kodak has released a PDF spec sheet on a new five megapixel 4/3 inch type CCD, the KAF-5101CE (update from the KAF-5100CE). This new sensor is of particular interest if you think back (quite a way) to February 2001 when Kodak and Olympus announced their new alliance to develop a new D-SLR standard (and cameras) based on the 4/3 inch sensor format. This could be the first sensor developed for that application. Perhaps we'll see this camera at Photokina in September.

Kodak / Olympus alliance so far

Kodak KAF-5101CE 4/3" type 5.1mp CCD specifications

Click here for PDF spec sheet

Type 5.1 million pixel Full-Frame CCD
Colour Filter Array Primary (GRGB)
Pixel size 6.8 x 6.8 µm
Active pixels 2614 x 1966 (5.14 megapixels)
Active area 17.8 x 13.4 mm (0.70 x 0.53 in)
Diagonal 22.2 mm (0.87 in)
Aspect ratio 4:3
Microlenses Yes
Maximum frame rate 4 frames per second
Output sensitivity 18 µV/electron
Saturation signal 40,000 electrons
Readout Noise 21 electrons rms (28 Mhz)
Dark current <5 pa/cm² (25 °C, accumulation mode)
Dark current doubling rate 6.3 °C
Dynamic range 66 dB (28 Mhz)
Quantum Efficiency 31%, 33%, 31% (470, 540, 630 nm)
Anti-blooming Margin >1000X (1/1000s)
Maximum Data Rate 28 Mhz
Package 32-pin, CerDIP, .070" pin spacing
Die size 19.7 mm x 15.0 mm