Blurb, an online self-publishing platform for photo books, is announcing a new program that will allow books created with its online tools to be sold on Amazon. Once a book is created through Blurb, authors may choose to create an ISBN, name a price and list the book for sale with the online retailer. Blurb charges a base price per book to cover printing, and Amazon charges a fee - 15% of the list price plus a handling fee. Profit left over is paid to the author via Paypal.

 Blurb offers self-publishing tools for photo books, now adding the option to sell through Amazon.

Self-publishers like Lulu and Amazon-owned CreateSpace already offer distribution through Amazon, but these services don't cater to photo books. Authors can continue to sell their own Blurb books on the site through Blurb Direct Sell, an option that allows book makers to keep all of their profits over the base price of each book. For a limited time, Blurb users can list their books on Amazon for free.