Olympus has today posted the second firmware update for their E-1 digital SLR. Version 1.2 improves the function of the shutter release button, allowing you to repeatedly 'pump' the shutter release button while it is half-pressed. Additionally this update also adds a display of focus points in the finder's LCD. For those who haven't yet upgraded their E-1 this update also includes improvements made in 1.1 such as higher shparness settings, improved exposure in macro mode with flash and quicker startup time from sleep mode. This update can be installed automatically via the Olympus Studio software.

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Olympus E-1 Firmware Version 1.2 updates:

  1. It is now possible to shoot photos by fully pressing the shutter button repeatedly, while keeping the shutter button halfway depressed. This improvement allows you to continually shoot photos in C-AF mode, continuing C-AF with the shutter button halfway depressed.
  2. It is now possible to display the focus points for 3-point AF on Finder's LCD.

Olympus E-1 Firmware Version 1.1 updates (included in 1.2):

  1. Allows higher sharpness setting values (+4, +5).
  2. Improves the exposure precision during macro shooting with flash in the P (Program) mode.
  3. Reduces the time it takes for the camera to recover from the sleep mode.
  4. "Erasing selected frames" has been updated to enable you to cancel several frames selected for erasure at the same time. This is effective when ERASE SETTING is set to NO. After you select frames to erase, the SEL. IMAGE screen will appear if you press the arrow pad to go to the next screen or rotate the main dial to change the number of frames in the index. If you select RESET and press the OK button, all frames selected for erasure will be canceled at the same time. You cannot go to the next screen or change the number of frames in the index unless you erase the pictures or cancel your selection.