News of Nikon's next digital SLRs leaked after Nikon Asia and Nikon Germany 'accidentally' dropped the user manuals onto their websites. This quickly spread and appeared on our forums within minutes. Nikon asked us to remove the primary leak thread (we don't normally do this but agreed to in this case, although it was pointless). After this we were a little surprised to then read an article on Macworld that Mr 'Susumu Enomoto', a spokesman for Nikon Corp, has now confirmed that the D50 is real, a further story on Rob Galbraith's site adds credence to the D70s.

Quote from Macworld story

"Nikon would not reveal any of the D50's specifications and features. But the D50 is one of several new digital SLR models that the company is planning to release following the success of the popular D70 model that went on sale in March 2004, Enomoto said."

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'Nikon to release new range of digital SLR cameras'

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