Mamiya has announced the RZ22 digital medium format camera system featuring a 22MP 48 x 36 CCD sensor. Similar to the company's previously released RZ33 medium format camera, it features fully integrated electronics for direct communication with the digital back and offers image capture rate of 1.1 seconds per frame. The RZ22 is compatible with all RZ system lenses and most accessories. It is currently available in the US market at a retail price of $11,499.

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Press Release:

Mamiya Announces New RZ22 Digital Camera

Elmsford, NY – October 28, 2010 – Mamiya announces today a new RZ digital camera designed to enable professional photographers to utilize the superior flexibility of the open-platform Mamiya RZ system, at an exceptional price. The new RZ22 Digital Camera couples the latest technological improvements of the 22 megapixel, large sensor Mamiya DM digital back with the latest Mamiya RZ67 Pro-IID camera, delivering the same ease-of-use as Mamiya's popular RZ33 system, all for only $11,499.

"Photographers were thrilled by our introduction of the RZ33 system, and many have indicated that they would like the option of an equally easy to use digital RZ system at a lower price point. The new RZ22 digital camera delivers just that: a powerful large-sensor digital camera delivering superior quality image files with the legendary flexibility of the Mamiya RZ camera system," said Mamiya Product Marketing Manager Mike Edwards. "Photographers can even utilize their existing Mamiya RZ system lenses, which are known as some of the sharpest, highest resolution lenses available."

About the Mamiya RZ22
The Mamiya RZ22 is a new large-sensor digital camera kit combining the high performance 22 megapixel CCD sensor of the Mamiya DM22 digital back with the latest RZ67 Pro-IID camera body, plus a Mamiya Digital Interface kit and focusing screen. With no cables necessary, RZ22 users simply add their favorite razor sharp RZ lens and a CF card, and they are ready to produce large, detailed images at shooting speeds of up to 70 frames-per-minute. The RZ22 leverages the large availability of lenses and accessories from the previous generations of the Mamiya RZ67 family, allowing photographers to utilize premium-level equipment they already own.

Pricing and Availability
The new Mamiya RZ22 digital camera kit, including Capture One and Leaf Capture software, is now available in the U.S. for $11,499, from authorized Mamiya Digital dealers.