Illustration by Francis Desharnais 

It's open season on strict photo contracts for music photographers, it seems. In the latest twist, Quebec newspaper le Soleil recently sent their cartoonist, Francis Desharnais, to illustrate a Foo Fighters concert, in protest at the contract required for photography at the event. The publication called the contract one of the harshest it had seen, citing passages that require photographers to surrender copyrights to their images, giving the band the ability to use images in any media without permission or payment.

Music photographers and the contracts that they're asked to sign in order to photograph concerts have been in the news a lot lately. It started with one music photographer's public outcry against Taylor Swift, calling her complaints about artists' rights hypocritical in light of the strict contracts photographers must sign to shoot her shows. Since then, a number of photographers declined to shoot her Montreal show in protest. 

See above for what Le Soleil's cartoonist Francis Desharnais came up with - we think he did a pretty good job. Maybe next time send him out with some colored pens though?