Hands-on with the Hasselblad H6D
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Hands-on with the Hasselblad H6D

Hasselblad claims that its new H6D is a completely new camera and is redesigned 'from the ground up' on a completely different platform. The new platform is one of electronics compared to the mechanical bias of its previous models, and consequently there is a good deal more communication between the back and the body – and the new HC lenses.

The general thrust is one of modernization with a mass of upgraded specification that brings the company’s flagship camera into line with the new Phase One XF body. And now of course there is the 100 million pixel sensor to match. One of the areas in which Hasselblad differentiates itself from its main competitor is in the provision of video – and 4K video at that.

The orange dot on the lens here indicates that it is part of the new HC series. The top shutter speed for the new body is 1/1000 sec, but with the new HC lens range that increases to 1/2000 sec as the sensor and lens work together to cut the exposure time in half. As the shutter is in the lens, users can synchronize flash at all speeds. The lenses have a new shutter mechanism that is able to return to the open position more quickly after closing which helps to enable the shorter exposures. The blades have new coatings to reduce friction to allow a smoother motion, and the durability of the system has been increased to the extent that the company guarantees you’ll get at least a million actuations. Hasselblad has also tripled the duration of the camera’s warranty to 36 months (if you register before September 30th - otherwise it's 24 months).

Other key developments include:

  • A choice of 50 and 100 Megapixel backs
  • New top shutter speeds
  • Much-improved rear screen
  • A host of new connection ports
  • HD and 4K video
  • A new range of HC lenses

There are two different versions of the H6D. The H6D 50c sports a 50MP sensor and retails for $25995. The 100c has, as you probably guessed, a 100MP sensor and has an MSRP of $32995.