Pre-PMA 2008: In a scene reminiscent of a once-respected prize fighter climbing back into the ring, the xD-Picture Card format has been given a revamp. Olympus has launched the "Type M+" that offers higher speeds in the format's largest capacities. The disappearance of the Type-H, fast (by xD standards), cards and Fujifilm's move to accepting the cheaper and potentially faster SD format looked like knock-out blows to the xD format. But the little card appears to have picked itself up off the canvas for the benefit of Olympus owners wanting to make the most of their cameras' continuous shooting and movie modes.

Press Release:

Olympus releases new generation of ultra-fast Type M+ xD-Picture Cards

High speed, high capacity

London, 23 January 2008 – Compact and durable, the Olympus Type M+ xD-Picture Card is the ultimate removable storage media for digital photos. Besides offering compatibility with virtually all digital cameras with xD-Picture Card slots and almost all other xD-compatible devices, it is the only xD-Picture Card that supports the exclusive Olympus Panorama, 3D and Art modes.

To meet the demand for faster data transfer rates, Olympus has developed the new Type M+ series. Featuring the M-XD1GMP (1GB) and M-XD2GMP (2GB), this new generation of xD-Picture Cards boasts state-of-the-art technology capable of attaining data-transfer speeds up to 1.5 times faster than Type M xD-Picture Cards when used with Olympus digital cameras.

In addition to lightning-fast transfers and impressive storage capacity, Type M+ xD-Picture Cards also enable longer movie recording times in 640X480/SHQ (30fps) mode up to card capacity*. In combination with Olympus Master software, the new generation high-speed cards also support the exclusive in-built Panorama mode found on most Olympus digital cameras. In addition, an enclosed serial number allows the Art and 3D modes in Olympus Master software to be activated**.

Main Features of Type M+ Series xD-Picture Cards:

● Data-transfer speeds up to 1.5 times faster than Type M xD-Picture Cards
● State-of-the-art MLC (Multi-Level Cell) technology for high capacity memory
● Ultra-compact size
● Memory capacity up to 2GB
● Compatible with Panorama, 3D and art modes**

* In selected Olympus models.
** Applicable to the product which package states support of the ART and 3D functions.