Image: Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service

The Wall Street Journal has discovered a patent filing with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service that seems to indicate Samsung is experimenting with transparent displays for digital cameras. 

The idea behind the concept is that the photographer and their subject can maintain eye-contact while the image is being framed. Looking at the image above, the transparent display is incorporated into a compact camera with a retractable lens. The concept could be equally applicable to larger cameras, even mirrorless system cameras with interchangeable lenses. 

According to WSJ, the filing says the camera body will have a "wide" transparent display with lens, flash and a power button on the side. Dimensions are not specified. 

With the brand new NX Mini and their Android powered cameras, such as the Galaxy NX, Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung has been one of the most innovative camera makers in recent years. However, they still struggle to compete with the camera world's more established rivals. It's going to be interesting to see if the transparent display will ever make it into a production model and can give Samsung a competitive edge. 

Via: WSJ