Just as soon as we review a camera, it's 'evolutionized' and a new one is launched. The new camera is the Samsung Digimax V800, successor to the recently reviewed Digimax V700. As suggested by its name it boasts one million more pixels than the V700 taking it to 8 megapixels, and, as seems popular with Samsung's recent launches, the V800 sports a large 2.5-inch LCD. The Digimax V800 can record high quality movies (VGA @ 30 fps) with stabilization and a pause function. It also boasts manual control, Schneider-Kreuznach lens and a 32MB built-in memory.

Specficiation and images to follow.

Press Release:

Samsung Camera releases a high-grade 8 megapixel digital camera - the Digimax V800

The Digimax V800, newly released by Samsung Camera, is an evolution of the Digimax V700, which was released early this year and has enjoyed a strong market response. According to a source from Samsung Camera, the company aims to lead in the 8 megapixel compact digital camera market, satisfying both amateur and enthusiast photographers with the Digimax V800.

The Digimax V800 is a digital camera equipped with an 8 megapixel high-resolution CCD that employs true colour filtering. The Digimax V800 allows the expression of accurate colours, making it the perfect choice for normal picture taking. The Digimax V800 also provides a 10X digital zoom in addition to the 3X optical zoom, enabling a total of 30X zoom when they are used at the same time. The Digimax V800 also has a large 2.5" colour LCD (approximately 230K-pixel) to provide a clearer and brighter field of vision.

The Digimax V800 is even faster than the Digimax V700 in operational speed. With the Digimax V800 providing faster booting and shot-to-shot speed for instant photography, a picture can be taken as soon as the power is turned on. Because the high-speed shot-to-shot capability allows continuous high-speed shooting, any subject can be safely captured without missing any of the action.

The powerful video capability of the Digimax V800 means it can function as a camcorder too. For an enhanced movie shooting experience MPEG-4 is used. MPEG-4 is a high-compression high-quality video format, which can record for up to 3-4 times longer than traditional video formats used for other digital cameras. With a 256MB memory card over an hour of great video can be recorded. The Digimax V800 can record in VGA(640x480) at 30 fps, to give smoother movies and a bigger view of the movie on LCD screens and through the TV.

The Digimax V800 has movie stabilization, which helps maintain steady recording of a subject by means of automatic detection and correction of lateral and vertical camera movements of the camera. The continuous video recording feature of the Digimax V800, which is based on exclusive Samsung technology, allows you to pause and resume video recording as desired and merge those multiple movie clips into a single file at a later time. You can press the Pause button to pause or resume recording. For easier editing of movies, the Digimax V800 allows you to select and save only the desired part into a new file during playback, on the camera. The Digimax V800 also allows you to capture a still image during video playback.

The Digimax V800 has Special Effect functions that help take picture taking a stage further. The Special Effect functions offered by the Digimax V800 are Colour Effect, Highlight, Photo Frame and Composite shot. Colour Effects include B/W, Sepia, Blue, Red and Green.

Highlight enables you to emphasize a subject by putting it's surroundings into soft focus. Composite shot allows you to divide a shooting scene into 2-4 segments and save them into a single file. Photo Frame allows you choose from 9 different types of fun photo frame.

The Digimax V800 also provides powerful Manual functions for more advanced users who want to be more creative with their photography. Three kinds of manual exposure adjustment such as Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual adjustment, as well as Manual Focus allowing detailed focus control, are available. In particular, exposure can be easily adjusted using the jog dial on the top. Furthermore, an Auto Exposure Lock function enables you to configure a scene and set exposure as required.

The Digimax V800 has Continuous Shooting, Auto Exposure Bracketing(AEB) and Auto Focus Bracketing(AFB) functions. Continuous Shooting helps catch all the action by taking consecutive shots, AEB to shoot a series of pictures with slightly different exposures, and AFB to take shots which focus on different elements of the frame. All adding to the creative options available.

With its Auto Macro function, the Digimax V800 automatically adjusts the shooting distance and focus. You can press the auto Macro button to have the camera adjust distance and focus automatically from 4cm to infinity, obtaining crystal clear images regardless of their shooting range.

The Digimax V800 provides a Histogram showing a variety of shooting information, including brightness and contrast, to help you adjust exposure seamlessly. The Histogram, which is displayed on a large 2.5" LCD in real time, enables easier aperture control as well as verification of picture quality upon shooting. This helps you get the picture exactly how you want it.

The Digimax V800 has various scene modes to let you obtain better picture results in a variety of settings. The 11 scene modes supported by the Digimax V800 are Night Scene, Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow and Text Recognition. In particular, Text Recognition is a feature that allows you to shoot documents such as books, papers and magazines and then extract text from the image taken using the "Digimax Reader" text recognition software included in the box.

The Digimax V800 also has all-in-one software - "Digimax MASTER 1.0". Digimax MASTER integrates the viewer, still image/movie editing and editing functions into a single application. After saving pictures using the Auto Download feature (images automatically moved to your computer on connection), you can use Digimax MASTER to edit the pictures in the way you want. The PictBridge feature of the Digimax V800 allows pictures taken with the camera to be directly printed without a PC, so you can instantly obtain clear 8.0 megapixel prints just by connecting the camera to a compatible printer. You can even use the "Quick Print" button to print a desired photo immediately. In addition, it provides a substantially faster transfer rate with USB 2.0 as compared to the existing USB 1.1.

The Digimax V800 is equipped with a built-in memory (32MB), allowing you to save pictures taken, even without a memory card. In addition, the Digimax V800 is equipped with a world class Schneider-KREUZNACH lens to obtain a crystal clear image with excellent colour reproduction. It also provides various useful functions such as My Set Shot mode for snapshot(so you can save your favorite shooting settings). Voice recording for up to 1 hour, voice memo for adding a short voice message to a picture, and "One-touch Playback" for instant playback of a picture are also included. The Graphic User Interface(GUI) of the Digimax V800 has been improved to ensure a faster and more seamless menu operation. Menu setting can be done quickly using the Move and Set functions.