Readers' Showcase: Rutger Bus
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Readers' Showcase: Rutger Bus

Drifting ice; Lake Ijsselmeer Stavoren, Friesland 2010. Photo by Rutger Bus

Where are you from, and what got you into photography?

My name is Rutger Bus and I was born in Groningen city, The Netherlands, in 1978. Currently, I live with my wife and two beautiful daughters in a little town in the province of Drenthe called Roden. 

I think I got interested in photography when I was still young. My dad used to have a darkroom where he was developing his photo films. Of course, I was not allowed to enter that room, so I always wondered what was going on in that little dark room with the red light above the door. 

As for today, I like being in nature and that is why my hobby, photography, also mainly focuses on nature - and landscape scenery. Since I have a full time job, it is difficult to spent a lot of time on my hobby, so I try to pick out the right moments and always plan my photo trips in advance to get the best out of the moment. That's also the reason why I named my website Photographic Moments.