Readers' Showcase: Rutger Bus
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Readers' Showcase: Rutger Bus

Colorful coastline; The island of Texel, 2014. Photo by Rutger Bus

From your perspective as a landscape photographer, what's been the most useful/important technological advancement in photography of the past few years? What improvements would you most like to see?

I think, the most useful technological upgrade of the film camera is the fact that one can nowadays shoot in the RAW-format. Together with current post processing software it is the most powerful tool when it comes down to imaging and image post processing. What I would like to see in modern cameras is some kind of internal solid state drive (SSD) storage to write and read in high speed. With the current megapixel race still continuing, a bigger and faster storage medium would be much appreciated.

Next to that, even lower noise levels at higher ISO's is also a bonus. As a landscape photographer I'm not too concerned with higher ISO's since I'm always shooting below ISO 400. So currently, I'm still happy with my trusty old Nikon D700, which still works wonders when used for low light landscape photography and its 12MP is still more than enough for my needs.