Jimmy Mazur of Sacramento, California, won Photographer of the Year at the 5th annual iPhone Photography Awards in 2012.

Do you think your iPhone photos are better than the rest? The 6th annual iPhone Photography Awards is still accepting applications for this year's contest. Better act quick, though -- the deadline is this Sunday, March 31.

Interested photographers who use iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices can submit their photos here. There is an entry fee af $3.50 for each photograph, $7.50 for three photographs, $15.50 for five photographs or $27.50 for 10 photographs. Submissions may be altered using iOS apps, but not by any desktop image processing program.

The top three contenders for the Photographer of the Year title will all receive an iPad Mini and the first place winner from each of the 16 categories will win a 1 gram gold bar.

Andria Ellis won the Animals category last year.
Chris Pecoraro took top prize in the Landscape category last year. 
Leading the People category in 2012 was Tuana Aziz.

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