UPDATE: Adobe Camera Raw version 9.1.1 has been released. Visit Adobe's Lightroom blog for more information.

It's a sad day for owners of Adobe's Creative Suite 6, as the company announces its upcoming Camera Raw 9.1.1 update will be the final version available for the software. While Cloud subscribers will continue to receive Camera Raw updates, those who license CS6 must either make do with the cameras and lenses supported as of v9.1.1 or use DNG converter for support for Raw files from newer equipment.

It's always been a matter of time for CS6 users. While DNG converter will make it possible to work with Raw files from cameras not supported by ACR 9.1.1, it will not provide new lens profiles for CS6 users. Adobe announced in 2013 that it would no longer be developing its Creative Suite product line, and would instead focus its efforts on its subscription-based software. Adobe had promised continued support for CS6, and indeed continued to offer Camera Raw updates and bug fixes for much longer than they've previously supported older versions of its software.

No date is given yet for the release of ACR 9.1.1. Visit Adobe's website for help using and installing DNG converter.