You needn't have read this piece from start to finish to see that I'm very impressed with the X-Pro1. From what I've seen so far it looks like Fujifilm has avoided re-introducing any of the more egregious oddities of the X100. And while we've yet to subject it to our rigorous testing methodology, we've not found flaws of the type that plague the X10. On balance I think it's safe to say that the X-Pro1 is a camera that gets much more right than it does wrong.

Operation and handling in the field are simply superb. This is a camera that gets out of your way and lets you devote your attention to making pictures. My chief complaints at this stage really revolve around the need for an improved MF implementation and better AF speed with the heavier 60mm f/2.4 lens. Whether either issue can be improved via a firmware upgrade remains to be seen. 

The X-Pro1 delivers outstanding images with a JPEG processing engine that produces very pleasing color, excellent detail and a highly effective combination of sharpening and noise reduction. And I must admit that with its limited third-party raw conversion support, I don't feel I've yet to see the best of what this camera can produce. All of us in the dpreview office look forward to putting the camera through its paces in our testing studio to dig a little deeper. Our first impressions are very positive though, and I hope this article will reassure and encourage anyone that has been watching the X-series and waiting for Fujifilm to 'get it right'. 

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Fujifilm X-Pro1 Preview Samples - posted April 2nd 2012

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