Kenko Tokina USA recently announced the Hoya HD3 series UV and Circular Polarizer lens filters. According to the company, the new filters feature an anti-reflective coating that is substantially harder than the coatings on previous Hoya lens filters. In fact, the filters are 4 times stronger than optical glass, and offer a 99.7 percent light transmission rate.

Kenko Tokina has developed a new nano-coating formula and a new process used to apply the anti-reflective coating layers to the glass. As a result, the UV filter's coating is 800% harder than the previous generation, while the Circular Polarizer filter's coating is 200% harder. Both HD3 filters are available in sizes ranging from 37mm to 82mm.

The HD3 UV filter in particular sports a new 32-layer system that reduces or, in some cases, eliminates reflections from the glass surface. As a result, there is little effect on the image's contrast, clarity, and color balance. This filter also features an anti-static top layer that is water-repellent, resistant to both scratches and stains, and is said to be easily cleanable.

The Hoya HD3 filters are available in the U.S. now through select retailers ranging in price from $55.90 to $223.90.