Longtime DPReview community member and forum moderator Horshack has created a free desktop application designed to help Nikon users wirelessly transfer files from their cameras to their computers - something not provided by any Nikon program. Compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux, Airnef is an open-source utility that works with Nikon's external Wi-Fi adapters and cameras with Wi-Fi built in. The program can be used with Canon cameras as well, but the app is designed with Nikon shooters in mind.

The demo video above shows Airnef in action, as well as the options it provides for the handling of files selected for transfer. Images can be selected for transfer in-camera the same way you'd proceed if you were sending images to a smartphone. Once the camera's Wi-Fi network has been activated and the computer connected to it, Airnef will handle the download process. 

Airnef can recognize and automatically skip any images that have been previously transferred, and users can choose to download files based on file type, date captured, by specific folder or from a particular media card slot. 

Visit testcams.com/airnef to download the program.

*Update (10.20.2015): v1.1 has been released and now adds support for Sony cameras.