The latest version of Corel's AfterShot image editing and Raw conversion application introduces a 'Send To External Editor' button that allows Raw files to be opened and worked on in AfterShot, then exported directly to Photoshop. This creates another way for PhotoShop CS6 customers to continue to add Raw support for new cameras to their workflow, in addition to Adobe's DNG converter application. 

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AfterShot's new external editing option doesn't only apply to Photoshop, but will open photos in a range of image editing applications according to what is installed on the machine. AfterShot Pro 2.3 has an autoscan facility that interrogates the hard drive to populate the options drop-down menu in the preferences menu. The program is also now compatible with a wider range of new cameras, with the latest version adding these models to the list it can work with:

•  Sony Alpha ILCE-7R II
•  Canon EOS - 5DS
•  Canon EOS - 5DSR
•  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II

Corel claims its AfterShot package is much faster than other image editing applications, saying that in its own tests import speeds were 5x faster than with Lightroom. The program is available for PC, Mac and Linux users, and is priced $79.99 – though there is a special deal until November 6th to get 50% off using the code ASP23 at the checkout. Visit for more details.

Press information:

AfterShot Update Offers Easy Photoshop Integration, Delivers New Camera Raw Profiles

Save 50% Off Full Purchase or Upgrade Price with Special 3-day Launch Sale

OTTAWA, CANADA – NOVEMBER 4, 2015 -- Today, the Corel Photo team has released the latest update to its photo-processing and organization software,AfterShot™ Pro 2.3. This update adds an improved Send to External Editor feature that makes it easier than ever to add AfterShot to a Photoshop-based workflow. For Photoshop CS6 users no longer eligible for Raw updates from Adobe, AfterShot Pro 2.3 provides a useful, affordable and subscription-free option to decode the latest Raw camera profiles.
“With AfterShot Pro 2.3, we're inviting Photoshop users to add AfterShot to their photographic workflow and take advantage of the speed and power AfterShot has to offer,” says Greg Wood, Senior Product Director of the Corel Photo team. “With our improved ability to combine AfterShot Pro and Photoshop in a professional image workflow, we think this will help even more photographers discover a faster approach to photo-processing – the AfterShot way!"
AfterShot Pro 2.3 provides Photoshop CS6 users an alternative way of getting access to Raw camera profiles, since Adobe Camera Raw updates were cut off earlier this year. Corel's goal is to help subscript-o-phobes steer clear of monthly fees, while maintaining access to the latest camera updates.
Special Offer Targets Switch-Curious Adobe Customers
To celebrate the release of this update, Corel is making the switch to AfterShot Pro even easier with a special 3-day offer. Visit and enter coupon code ASP23 at the checkout to get 50% off the original purchase or upgrade price of Aftershot Pro & AfterShot until November 6, 2015.
Why Choose AfterShot Pro? (Hint: It's more than just Raw performance)
Interest in alternatives to Lightroom has grown in response to reports of sluggish performance and slow import speeds, plus long-standing dissatisfaction with subscription. Offering industry-leading performance, excellent usability, and supported by Corel's global reach, AfterShot Pro is well positioned to attract more professional photographers to its subscription-free offering:
Cost Savings – AfterShot Pro costs just $79.99 (even less for a limited time, thanks to a special 3-day launch celebration sale). A standalone Lightroom license will cost $149 or, as part of the photography bundle, $10 each month – that's $119/year, every year.
Speed - The fastest photo management & post-processing tool available today; Corel internal testing shows AfterShot Pro performing more than 5x faster than Lightroom. Recent benchmark tests show import speeds in AfterShot Pro 2.3 are faster than both Lightroom and Apple Photos.
New & Ongoing Camera Support – AfterShot is regularly updated with new features, fixes and camera support. AfterShot Pro 2.3's external editor improvements are great news for Photoshop CS6 users who lost ACR updates in July. Corel has been extremely active since launching AfterShot Pro 2, pushing out six significant updates and adding support for some of the most popular cameras on the market today, including several from the FujiFilm X-trans lineup, plus the recently released Canon 5DS and 5DSR (new in AfterShot Pro 2.3).
Available on 3 Major Operating Systems – The AfterShot family is the only major photo management and post-processing software available on all 3 mainstream operating systems—Windows, Mac and Linux.
Open Plugin SDK - AfterShot Pro's plug-in SDK provides the only Raw-level plug-in interface in the industry, while also delivering complete, tightly-integrated access to AfterShot Pro's fully multi-threaded image pipeline. AfterShot Pro's open approach has created a community of free photo processing plugins and photo processing developers. More information about creating plugins is available on the AfterShot website at:
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