ZenCam, an iOS (and soon to be Android) app being funded on Kickstarter, wants to bring the film camera experience to your smartphone. Its makers refer to it as a "mindful disposable camera," featuring digital rolls of film. As with film cameras, the images taken on this "film" can't be seen until they're developed - something the company behind the app does for free, shipping batches of printed photographs to the user's home.

ZenCam is simplistic in its functionality. Every digital roll of film can produce 20 images. These images can not be viewed after they're taken, aiming to make the photographer to focus on the app's biggest goal: slowing down and being mindful about the shots they take, rather than snapping a bunch of photos they're not likely to revisit.

Once a roll of film is fully used, ZenCam shuttles it off to be developed, and the final prints are mailed to the user. The photos are printed on 350 GSM paper with a matte laminate finish, and measure in at 9.75 x 9.75cm (about 3.8 x 3.8-inches). Two rolls of film per month will be printed for free, with the user only paying shipping costs: £2.49 in the UK and £3.49/$5.54 USD elsewhere.

ZenCam's funding is being sought via Kickstarter, where the maker wants to raise £5,000 and has thus far received pledges totaling £914. Only an iOS app exists at the moment, but after the project is finished an Android version will enter development. In due time, the maker also plans to launch a "Dark Room" cloud storage feature and additional print options, such as posters and frames.

Via: Kickstarter