Hasselblad has introduced a seasonal offer that sees the price of its flagship H5D-50c and H5D-50c Wi-Fi cameras reduced by over 40% for what it describes as a 'limited time only'. The offer means the camera is available for €12,500/£11,750 for the standard model, and €12,900/$14,500/£12,100 for the Wi-Fi model. The Hasselblad H5D 50c Wi-Fi usually retails for €28,500/£18,350. The offer varies slightly from region to region, as do the models that are included in the deal, but all the deals are for body + back combinations, so lenses will have to be purchased separately. 

While the Hasselblads are still a good deal more expensive than Pentax’s 645Z model, the offer makes the H5D-50c much more accessible to professional photographers, and indeed slightly cheaper than Leica’s S Typ 007 and much cheaper than the Phase One XF with the IQ350 back that contains the same sensor. 

Hasselblad has made a habit of dramatic price reductions in recent years, including similar offers at the same time in 2014 and also in May 2012. The Swedish maker could be reacting to pressure from growing pixel counts in the full frame sector as well as trying to stimulate competition with its main rival Phase One. Either way, if you were mulling over a H5D-50c now might be a good time. 

For more information see the Hasselblad website.

Press release: 

The festive season has come early for image quality obsessed photographers looking to step up to the ultimate in medium format capture.

In what is being described as ‘the camera promotion offer of the decade’ we have a new price tag for the award-winning H5D-50c camera. It is now available at just €12,500 (and with Wi-Fi at €12,900) – a discount of more than 40% on recommended retail prices.

This offer provides a unique window of opportunity for high-end professional photographers looking to build their businesses and provide their clients with imagery of the very highest order – at an utterly compelling purchase price. We have always said that bigger pixels are better. Now there has never been a better time to invest in world-beating Hasselblad medium format technology.

The ‘absolutely no compromise’ H5D-50c, which has just walked away with the ‘Best technical achievement in a medium format camera’ accolade at the prestigious Lucie Technical Awards in New York City, was the world’s first integrated 50MP medium format camera to use the groundbreaking CMOS sensor technology – enabling astonishing image clarity even in very low-light conditions.

This pioneering camera provides file sizes up to 154MB; ISO up to 6400, plus the widest range of shutter speeds from 34 minutes to 1/800 second.

The superbly engineered H5D-50c can handle even the highest contrast shooting situations thanks to its increased dynamic range of 14 f-stops – providing users with matchless detail and tonality in shadows and highlight areas.

The promotion is available for a limited time only so please contact your nearest dealer as soon as you can.

Please note that trade-in’s are not accepted with this promotion.

Prices exclude VAT.